Management Message

We are highly thankful to all the parents for supporting us. Your faith & trust motivate us to improve our services & to work whole heartedly for this noble  cause . The School was started as a small sapling for the welfare of the society to provide quality education in the city which was nourished & nurtured by the efforts of dedicated & committed members of Shree Sanatan Dharm Sabha and managing body. I am thankful to all the members for their tireless efforts in making this sapling a big shady boon. we assure all the parents that their child is in safe hands. we aim at all facet- physical, intellectual, moral & spiritual development of the children. We will try our best to come upto the expectations of the parents.

For any query please contact the school Office.

Thanks & Regards

Sh. Naresh Dhingra


Sh. Chander Mehta